Carl Grimes
Carl Grimes/Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Male
Age 12
Occupation Survivor, middle school student
Relations Rick Grimes (Father)
Lori Grimes (Mother)
Sophia Peletier (Crush)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian

Carl Grimes is a character from the Walking Dead. He is the young son of Rick Grimes and Lori Grimes


Rick GrimesEdit

Carl and Rick have a very good relationship, being father and son. Carl was very upset over his father's "death". Rick was very saddened by the shot Carl took in the woods. 

Lori GrimesEdit

Carl and Lori have a very good relationship, being mother and son. Lori comforted Carl over Rick's "death". Lori looks after Carl a lot. 

Sophia PeletierEdit

Carl and Sophia are best friends. Carl even has a crush on Sophia, but isn't willing to reveal it. The two work together when they have to go on runs. 


Carl and Clementine are very good friends. Carl greatly accepted Clementine and Duck. Clementine was very happy that Carl accepted her. 


Carl and Duck are very good friends. Carl greatly accepted Duck with Clementine. Duck was happy that he was accepted by his new friends. 


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