Charlotte cropped
Charlotte Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Female
Age 7
Occupation School Student
Relations Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Evelyn Ryan- Surrogate Mother
Glenn Rhee- Father Figure
Carl Grimes- Brother Figure
Status Alive
Ethnicity English-American
"Do you know where Mommy is?"

Charlotte is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and a surrogate daughter to Evelyn Ryan. Her family is currently unknown, but it is revealed in New Member, New Meat that she was separated from her family by a horde of Walkers. Eventually, she found her way to the warehouse in which Evelyn Ryan had been staying in. Upon seeing that her family was most likely dead, Evelyn adopted Charlotte and became her surrogate mother. She is a good friend to Carl Grimes and a daughter figure to Glenn Rhee.


Charlotte is a very small and short, pale girl. She is known for her happy go lucky personality and always provides a smile for anyone, especially her surrogate mother, Evelyn Ryan. 

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

Charlotte was born in Atlanta, Georgia of English decendants. She attended school and was part of a 4-H club in Atlanta. 


After the zombie apocalypse broke out, Charlotte was seperated from her family by a horde of Walkers in downtown Atlanta. She escaped Atlanta with the help of another group which was subsequently killed on the outskirts of the city. She wandered around, the only survivor, until she found herself at the warehouse that Evelyn Ryan was residing in. Evelyn, seeing that her family was most likely dead, took Charlotte in and cared for her. When Rick Grimes and his group happened upon the warehouse, Charlotte was so thrilled to see new people that she rushed up to Glenn Rhee and hugged him. Evelyn, who was a bit more cautious, allowed the group to stay in the warehouse, much to Charlotte's excitement. 

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