Darl Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Male
Age 23
Occupation College Student
Relations Patrick Green (Brother)
Samantha Green (Sister)
Status Dead
Ethnicity Irish
"I always taunted him about his name."
Patrick Green

Darl Green is an original character who dies at the start of Season One


This Painful LifeEdit

Danger That LurksEdit

Darl was mentioned by Patrick, saying that he used to taunt him about his name. That their mother said that it was short for 'Darling' Although it wasn't true



Trying to escape a herd of walkers. He gets pinned down and a walker bites into his neck. Patrick shoots one of them off him but as he gets up. Holding his wound. He runs in the opposite direction. Into the feild. 

 Patrick GreenEdit

After going out to look for his brother. He finds him feasting on a rabbit. He takes out his knife as Darl stands up. He stabs him in the head. Tears in his eyes.

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