Evelyn Ryan
Evelyn Ryan cropped
Evelyn Ryan Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Female
Age 21
Occupation Waitress, Hunter
Relations Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Unknown Little Brother
Charlotte- Surrogate Daughter
Glenn Rhee (TV Series)- Boyfriend
Rick Grimes- Father Figure
Status Alive
Ethnicity Irish-American
"What's blue and black and lying in a hole of Walkers?" "What?" "You, if you don't shut the hell up."
―Evelyn and Merle Dixon

Evelyn Ryan is one of the main protagonists in The Walking Dead. She is usually the hunter for the group, and thus provides their main food supply. Evelyn makes her first appearance in New Member, New Meat while saving Glenn Rhee from a horde of Walkers. Eventually, Glenn and Evelyn start a relationship after the events of Seed .


Evelyn is a tall, slender Irish American female. She has fiery, red hair with a personality to match. Her rebelliousness got her into trouble a lot before the apocalypse. Evelyn is also known to be a very loyal, humerous sort of person as well and will do anything to keep her loved ones safe. She has an extreme hate of Walkers as they were responsible for killing her family and friends. 


Evelyn was born in Dublin, Ireland and shortly after her birth, her family moved to America. They moved to the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia where Evelyn attended school along with her siblings. She worked in Atlanta at a small coffee shop as a waitress. She was also once part of a girl scout troop and a science fiction fanatic. 


After the zombie apocalypse broke out, her family was subsequently killed by the horde of Walkers escaping Atlanta. She escaped from her house and soon found shelter in an old abandoned warehouse, where she taught herself how to hunt with an épée. Soon after, a little girl named Charlotte wandered to the warehouse following the killing of her family by Walkers. Evelyn took her in, believing her family to be dead. A little while after, Rick Grimes and his group came upon the warehouse after an exhausting run from a massive horde of Walkers. Upon realizing that there was already people occupying it, Rick made an agreement with Evelyn to let them stay for awhile. After a time, Evelyn grew to trust Rick and his group and eventually began a relationship with Glenn Rhee.

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