Season 1, Episode 1
Post Date TBA
Written By Xx_Diictodon_xX
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Inversion is the first episode in Xx_Diictodon_xX's The Walking Dead.


Kendall and his brother Max have awoken to a world dipped in hell. People once dead are now rising to their feet, eating anything unlucky enough to get in their path. With only a few close friends, Kendall and Max must find a way to survive in this ugly, new world before he becomes a walker's next meal.





Interactive GameplayEdit

See more: Inversion/Interactive Gameplay

For this series I'm trying something new, applying the gameplay mechanics of the Telltale Walking Dead game series and mixing that with storytelling. Because this is completely new, I have no idea if this will work out the way I envision. Expect it to take a long time.

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