Melees are type of weapon that can be used from having an ordinary tool to an signature weapon of choice. Most are consisted of Blunted and Sharp Melees and are most useful when starting out

Picture Weapon Description

A Knife is a cutting tool for many purposes. Most Survivors carry around knives as defenses are more of the common weapon in the Walking Dead Universe. Example of types are Bowie Knives, Combat Knives, Hunting Knives and Kitchen Knives. Certain types of knives are good in use, depending on what type it is.

Used by:


An Axe is a primary everday tool used to cut down logs or wood in general. Some examples of Axes are the Felling Axe, Splitting Axe and Fire Axe. It can be a great weapon to use when hacking down Infected and can be common.

Used by:


A machete is a large cleaver-like cutting tool. It is primary used for hacking down bushes or vines in Jungles or Forests. It is a fair weapon to use against Infected and sometimes can be a common weapon in use for, but sometimes rare.

Used by:

Baseball Bat

A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal club used in sports. A Wooden baseball can take poor damage, but a Medal bat can take increased damage. It is a common weapon that can be found and one of the more common weapons to use and find.

Used by:


A hammer is often designed for a specific purpose, and vary widely in their shape and structure. There are different types of hammers, but more common ones are Claw Hammers and can be a decent to use against Infected.

Used by:

Crowbar A crowbar is a tool consisting of a metal bar. It is used to open crates and other locked chests. It is a bit rare to find a Crowbar to use, but can be good for fighting or defending against Infected

Used by:

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