Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes (TV Show) Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Male
Age 43
Occupation Police Deputy (Pre-Apocalypse)
Leader of Atlanta Camp (Post-Apocalypse)
Leader of Alexandria Safe-Zone (Post-Apocalypse)
Relations Lori Grimes - Wife (Deceased)
Carl Grimes - Son
Judith Grimes - Daughter
Jessie Anderson - Former Lover (Deceased)
Michonne Anthony - Girlfriend
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian - American

''We will win. We are strong and we will be together.''

-Rick to the group.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

King County,Georgia Edit

Rick was born in the early 1970's, and grew up in Georgia, he experienced a decent childhood, and thus held a close relationship with his parents whom both had a strong influence upon him growing up. His father was a noble individual whom beared a profound wisdom, where he instilled a strong moral code of honour and bravery onto his son,[2] and his mother frequently recited him the folklore story of ‘The Stone in The Road’.[4] He also became greatly inspired by the old war-time tales of his late grandfather, whom served during the Second World War.[3]

He grew up alongside his closest friend Shane Walsh, where the two developed a strong bond together to the point where the pair came to view each other as 'brothers'. Throughout high school, Rick acted as the more disciplined of the pair and thus experienced very few short-lived relationships with girls, in contrast to Shane whom had many conquests.[5] Academically, Rick and Shane studied at college together for police administration where they eventually graduated and became employed deputies stationed at the King County Sheriff's Department, with Shane assigned as his partner.[6]

As a young adult, Rick later met a woman named Lori, where the two eventually fell in love with each other and became married where together they had a son named Carl; the trio lived together as a typical family in a single-story house located in King County, Georgia, where Shane became a close friend of the family. Rick acted as the main financial provider of the family, serving a dutiful career in the police force, whereas Lori worked as a housewife. (Photographs depict the three of them going on several family trips together.)[7]

Over time however, Rick and Lori's marriage became increasingly strained due to Rick constantly distancing himself from her, as he generally hesitated to express his feeling regarding their marital issues and thus Rick instead opted to absorb himself through his work. This nature led to various cracks in their relationship, which resulted in harsh words directed from Lori, who once questioned whether Rick cared about his family in the presence of their son.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Rick wake up from coma because he was shooted in arm in police action. He met Morgan and his son,Dwayne. After he met Glenn and then he found his family.

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