Ryan Gallery
Walking Dead Character
Gender Male
Age 18
Occupation High School Student
Relations Unnamed Father

Unnamed Mother
Allyson Johnson (Girlfriend)

Status Dead
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Ryan was a high school student and the boyfriend of Allyson Johnson.


Fort CollinsEdit


Sometime after the apocalypse, Ryan encountered a walker while he and his friends were getting high at a school parking lot. At first they assumed it was someone trying to scare them, but after the walker devoured one of Ryan's friends, they all ran off.


Killed ByEdit

After running off from the first walker that devoured his friend, Ryan and his friends were all bitten by unknown walkers.

After evacuating the remaining survivors outside of town, Jared and Derrick both went back to find food and supplies for the rest of the group. They ran into a walker which Derrick recognized to be Ryan. Jared immediately killed Ryan with a metal pipe through his eye socket while Derrick smirks.



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