Sophia Peletier
Walking Dead Character
Gender Female
Age 12
Occupation Survivor, home school student
Relations Ed Peletier (Father)
Carol Peletier (Mother)
Carl Grimes (Crush)
Status Alive
Ethnicity Caucasian

Sophia Peletier is a character from the Walking Dead. She is the daughter of Ed and Carol Peletier. 


Ed PeletierEdit

Ed and Sophia do not have a great relationship, due to Ed abusing Sophia and Carol. Sophia was saddened by his death, however. 

Carol PeletierEdit

Carol and Sophia have a very good relationship. Carol has shown that she is greatly protective of Sophia, and that she would die protecting her. 

Carl GrimesEdit

Carl and Sophia have a very good relationship. They are best friends, and Sophia has a crush on Carl, however she does not know that he has one on her, too. Carl is very protective of her. 


Sophia and Clementine are very good friends. Sophia happily accepted Clementine, who was very happy in return that she did. 

Eliza MoralesEdit

Eliza and Sophia are best friends, and are always together. Sophia is very happy to have a girl her age with her, which is just what Eliza is. 

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