The Olympians are an enormous organization of hostile and antagonistic survivors introduced in Season 9 of AMC's The Walking Dead. They serve as the main antagonists of Season 9, 10, and the first half of Season 11.


The Olympians's namesake is taken from the Geek myths, with several names like Zeus, Hercules, Perseus, Hades, Poseidon, Persephone, Helios or Prometheus being direct references to the original myths. The Olympians act like they are a welcoming and nice group of survivors when they are introduced at first, but that is only a deceptive way of hiding their true colors: they are a ruthless and brutal group of survivors who will do anything to survive, even kill without hesitation.

The Olympians's developed ability to deceive other survivors has given them a lot of supplies, ammo and strength - making them one of the most powerful groups ever seen in the TV Series, including "nice" and "evil groups. According to one of the Olympians, their numbers are well over 90, making it hard to actually stop them. They have over three bases, all of them protected to the teeth.


Not much is known about the Olympians before the outbreak happened except that the first 5 members lived near the state of South Carolina. They may have known each other.


The Olympians are based on Florence, South Carolina and also on Hampton, another city from South Carolina. Their third base's location is somewhere around Harleyville, a relatively small city. They constantly grew their numbers by inviting other survivors to join their own group, and fusing with other groups. They murdered anyone who opposed to them. Sometime into the apocalypse, The Olympians invaded and killed some Abstractians after a disagreement.

They were the main antagonists of Season 9, 10, and the first part of 11.

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