The first season of a retelling of the Walking Dead was first released on April 10, 2014, on It goes under the title "Apocalypse". It has 15 episodes in the season, with one bonus episode with extras. 


Title Description Release Date
1.1 Newcomers Rick Grimes leads his family and friends on a journey to survive a zombie apocalypse. Soon, they discover a crew of new survivors. April 10, 2014
1.2 Attack Rick and the group meet Lee Everett and his group, and the team grows in a friendship. Morales and his family discover a large zombie horde.  April 13, 2014
1.3 The Hunters The team scavenges for gear. Ed dies from a walker bite and the hunters observe them.  April 25, 2014
1.4 Breakdown The hunters attack and injure Daryl and Dale, and soon they capture the kids, Ben, Lori, Carol, Miranda, and Dale.  April 28, 2014
1.5 Friend or Foe Jim is injured in the hunter attack. Afraid of walker's being attracted to the blood, Shane kills Jim. May 1, 2014
1.6 The CDC The group discusses the murderer of Jim. Daryl discovers a CDC and Carl has a bad dream of Sophia as a walker. May 6, 2014
1.7 Beware the Hunters Inside the CDC, the group discovers the hunters have taken refuge inside, discovering that even the safest looking haven isn't always the safest. May 6, 2014
1.8 Roadblock In the mid-season finale, the group is stopped at a roadblock, and soon Sophia goes missing. Amy dies searching for her, and Carl gets shot. May 7, 2014
1.9 Otis takes Rick, Carl, Shane, Kenny, and Duck to the Greene family farm to help tend to Carl's wounds. May 15, 2014
1.10 On a supply run, Daryl discovers a train. On the way to tell the group, he is jumped by a group of men. May 16, 2014
1.11 Glenn, T-Dog, Dale, and Kenny go to save Daryl. Otis and Shane go to get supplies for Carl's injury.  May 17, 2014
1.12 When Shane returns with Otis gone, Larry believes he killed Otis (which he really did). When Rick is on his own, Larry prepares to kill him. May 18, 2014
1.13 Daryl, T-Dog, Glenn, Dale, and Kenny return. The group heads to the train to leave.  May 19, 2014
1.14 At the train, the group starts their journey. However, in the ride, they have to make a stop to get fuel.  May 20, 2014
1.15 Carl and Sophia grow closer as the group takes a stop. Daryl, Shane, Rick, Lee, and Carly go on a supply run. May 21, 2014
1.16 A bonus chapter with character profiles of remaining living characters, the first episode's paragraph, and other stuff. May 21, 2014

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  • The first season takes elements from the TV series, comic, and game series to expand it, but also doesn't follow a direct storyline.
    • One example: Carl gets shot and Sophia gets lost (like in the show), but Amy dies searching for Sophia, whereas she dies in a zombie attack at night. 
    • Another example is that chapter/episode seven takes the title of a volume in the comic series: Beware the Hunters. 

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